Job Description

Job Title: Director of Finance
Responsible To: Chief Executive
Responsible For: Finance Managers/Finance Team
IT Manager/IT Team
HR and Executive Support Manager


Be responsible through the Chief Executive to the Group Board for ensuring that the Pioneer Group has appropriate financial strategies, policies and business plans to support the achievement of its aims and objectives.

To work closely with the Chief Executive to ensure the Group’s on-going financial stability and viability.

To provide the Chief Executive and Board with accurate and robust analysis of the financial position of the organisation, identifying financial trends and making recommendations to the Chief Executive on the feasibility of proposed actions.

To ensure that the Pioneer Group has appropriate Treasury Management strategies, policies and procedures, that they are properly monitored, reported upon and reviewed regularly by the Board.

To take overall responsibility, through the Chief Executive, for the Pioneer Group financial management operations, to ensure that appropriate financial systems are in place to enable the organisations financial security to be maintained and enhanced, and that its statutory and regulatory responsibilities are fulfilled.

To ensure that the Finance Team delivers high quality customer services, both externally, and internally.

To ensure that appropriate financial services are delivered to the subsidiaries of the Pioneer Group and the Neighbourhood Partnership Board and the Castle Vale Endowment Trust.

Ensure that all Company Secretarial and associated statutory and legal obligations are met on behalf of the companies of the Group ensuring that the organisation operates within the law and its constitution, that all statutory records are maintained, and that returns are made as necessary.

Lead the Executive Support Team in the provision of a company secretarial role for all group companies, support to the Executive Leadership Team and service to all Boards within the Pioneer Group.

To lead the development and delivery of the Group’s IT strategy and information management and systems to support the development and growth of the business, and to enhance efficiencies. 

To develop and implement the Group’s People and Organisational Development Strategy supporting the HR team in delivery of people based services and the programme of management and staff development

As a member of the senior management team, to work collaboratively with the Chief Executive, Board and colleagues on all matters of corporate strategy to ensure a growing, dynamic and sustainable organisation and the effective delivery of operational services within the Pioneer Group.



Ensure that Pioneer Group’s Vision and Core Values are embedded in the working culture, and that they underpin all of the team’s activities.

To be an active member of the Group’s Executive Leadership Team, contributing to the strategic management and direction of the Group and ensuring that strategies and plans are developed, communicated and delivered.

Provide clear and inspirational leadership to teams, ensuring clarity of direction and effective communication within a performance management framework.

Lead and promote a Group organisational culture by proactively creating, building and sustaining open and collaborative relationships.

Engender a working environment that enables high performing teams, maximising team and individual performance, nurturing and developing talent.

Lead and inspire teams to deliver high quality servicers in support of the business plan.

To enhance the profile of the Group inside and outside the sector and establish and maintain positive influential relationships with key stakeholders.

Foster a culture of excellent customer service throughout the organisation and ensure that services reflect customer needs and expectations.

Take responsibility for Health and Safety within the department.

Strategic Financial Management

Lead in developing financial plans for all companies within the Pioneer Group, ensuring that financial plans are implemented, and evaluating the process and outcomes.

Providing on-going financial information, evaluation and risk appraisal in the light of current and future developments within the Pioneer Group.

Raise new funding as and when required utilising market knowledge in obtaining the best terms and conditions for the Pioneer Group.

Ensuring that the number of unencumbered properties at any one time is optimised to allow for the future funding of new schemes and opportunities.

Ensure that an up to date asset and liability register is continually developed and maintained at all times.

In line with regulatory requirements, undertake stress testing on a periodic basis, liaising with the Board around inputs, outputs, mitigating factors and disaster situations.

Financial Management

Ensure that the annual budget is produced with the active involvement of all budget holders, and that performance against budget is monitored and appropriate action is taken.

Managing the production of monthly management accounts and other financial information, payroll and annual statutory accounts by the finance team.

Monitoring the inflow of funds, cash flow and credit control, taking action with managers as appropriate.

Presenting regular financial reports to the Board, and to take the lead in servicing the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee.

Working with the Pioneer Group’s external and internal auditors, as appropriate.

Ensuring that necessary statutory and regulatory returns are completed accurately and on time.

Ensure effective treasury management, including maintaining the asset and loan registers, and the management of the Pioneer Group’s borrowings and external investments.

Ensuring that financial services are provided for all companies within the group and the NPB and the ETF.

Manage the cash and investments of the Group so as to maximise income within the constraints of flexibility and prudence.

Performance and Quality

Ensure that stretching performance targets are set and best practice and benchmarking activities take place to continually improve service.

Ensure that service standards and delivery is shaped and scrutinised by customers.

Ensure that the Group’s financial systems comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and best practice and the same philosophy is adopted for its subsidiaries.

Ensure that all staff are trained on the systems of internal controls, and that they are managed and enforced to ensure that they are fully and consistently complied with.

Responsible for the preparation, review and monitoring of financial regulations, standing orders and authority levels and ensure they are followed.

Co-ordinate the preparation of the Group’s budgets, financial and management accounts and ensure that they are prepared and audited in a timely manner.

Ensure that the proper accounts and cash flow reports are maintained and that all receipts, payments and financial matters are dealt with in a proper and secure manner.

Financial and Non-Financial Management

Take responsibility for setting and managing operational service budgets and the achievement of value for money within the Department. Proactively monitoring and providing commentary on, and management of, all costs centres.

Prepare the five and thirty-year business plan, providing forecasts on operational costs. Be proactive in profiling budgets and take ownership of cost centres, identify VFM cost comparison and demonstrate return on investment.

Prepare business cases to support proposed investment in resources and services.

Risk Management

Lead in conjunction with the Chief Executive and the board(s), the development of the groups approach to risk framework.

Develop and maintain risk management procedures and appraisal systems for capital projects and all other significant areas of risk to the Group.

Monitor and regularly report on the key indicators of the Group’s financial and operational performance and take appropriate action.

Develop an effective insurance risk strategy and ensure that appropriate insurance cover is provided for the Group.

Act in the client role for the outsourced internal audit function.

Ensure that all services are managed in accordance with best practice, with appropriate strategies, policies and monitoring in place to achieve a high standard of risk management.

Corporate Management

Exercise appropriate judgement in terms of the content and timing of submissions to the Board and in conjunction with the Chief Executive; provide the Board with appropriate reports, training and information to enable Board members to carry out their responsibilities.

Ensure delivery of the Corporate Plan, team plans and service improvement plans.

Actively and effectively promote the Group’s values, role modelling appropriate behaviours and acting with highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Ensure that the Group’s policies, including but not limited to Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety and Customer Service are complied with through all activities and that all work is undertaken in accordance with the relevant codes of practice and legislation

To maintain personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the job and participate in appropriate learning and development activities.

Staff Leadership

Provide authentic leadership, which supports and motivates senior managers and teams and ensures that staff are managed, coached and developed in order to maximise their potential.

Lead and manage staff through a consistent approach to recruitment, training and appraisal, development and performance management, in accordance with policies and procedures and in an effective and sensitive manner.

Ensure that regular directorate meetings are held, and one to ones with senior managers take place to facilitate effective communication, monitor and review targets and performance, and ensure that policies, procedures and best practice are being adhered to.

Support and guide the managers in their people management role, ensuring that the Pioneer Group’s human resources policies and procedures are implemented effectively.

The duties and responsibilities of the post outlined above cannot fully define the existing or future activities that the post holder will be responsible for. The post holder will be required to carry out other duties as may be required, on the understanding that they will be within the individual’s remit and consistent with the status and responsibilities of the role within the organisation.

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