Job Description

Job Title: Housing & Customer Service Director
Responsible To: Chief Executive
Responsible For: Community Housing
Customer 1st
Neighbourhood Partnerships
BSHP Community Safety
Restorative Justice


Contribute to the leadership and strategic direction of the Association through membership of the Executive Leadership Team. To be executive lead on a number of Group wide strategies.

To set the strategic direction of our resident facing housing and neighbourhood based services at CVCH.

To lead the delivery of the Corporate Plan within the Housing & Customer 1st Business Units to achieve resident-led, continuous improvement through effective strategic direction and operational management of CVCH’s housing services.


1. Staff Management

 Provide leadership and effective management of business units and service managers within areas of responsibility.

Support and guide the managers in their people management role, ensuring that the Groups human resources policies and procedures are implemented effectively.

2. Performance Management

Ensure that appropriate plans (Annual, Operational, Departmental and Business Unit) are in place to support the achievement of The Pioneer Groups Corporate Plan and CVCH’s overall business strategy and have effective systems in place to monitor and ensure delivery is to target.

Manage and monitor performance to achieve targets and drive continuous improvement, ensuring early and effective response systems are in place to address issues and appropriate checks are in place to ensure compliance.

Monitor and report on performance to Chief Executive, Executive Leadership Team, CVCH Board, and Group Board and committees to ensure that appropriate remedial or follow-up action is taken.

3. Strategy & Policy development

Ensure that appropriate strategies, policies, procedures and systems are in place and implemented effectively to underpin the delivery of services, and reviewing these as necessary using our quality standard.

Lead on the Groups Customer Experience and Equality and Diversity Strategies.

Lead on the effective delivery of partnerships that support the delivery of the Corporate Plans on Castle Vale. Ensuring partnerships such as Neighbourhood Partnership Board, Third Sector Association, Community Action Group, Tasking, ValeWatch and similar community governance structures work and deliver effective outcomes.

4. Service delivery

Take overall responsibility for all housing service functions and ensure services are delivered which meet customer requirements, are efficient and achieve value for money, including leading service reviews.

Ensure that CVCH is at the forefront in the development and implementation of resident inclusion and insight, community safety initiatives and digital and financial inclusion.

Ensure all services are provided and contracts are let in accordance with the Association’s policies and procedures.

Take overall responsibility for all housing management functions and ensure services are delivered which meet residents’ requirements and achieve value for money.

Ensure that an effective estate-wide Community Safety Strategy is developed, delivered and regularly reviewed to take account of the views of local residents and key stakeholders. Work with and support networks such as the Birmingham Social Housing Partnership to support Community Safety initiatives and delivery in Birmingham.

Support delivery of community safety projects such as, but not exclusively, Restorative Justice West Midlands. Ensuring delivery of project outcomes and supporting development of the service and future funding.

Ensure that the Groups CX Strategy delivers great customer service and that the customer service offer is developed, delivered and regularly reviewed to take account of the views of local residents and customers (through effective customer insight and customer satisfaction tools) and key stakeholders and business needs.

Ensure that CVCH income is maximised and CVCH tenants are not financially excluded through the development, delivery of appropriate income and financial inclusion strategies, policies and procedures.

Ensure the Resident Inclusion Strategy is developed, delivered and regularly reviewed to enable residents to be fully involved with the full range of activities the Association is involved with.

Ensure the Groups Equality Policy and Scheme are developed, delivered and regularly reviewed to ensure our services meet business and customer needs are inclusive to all.

Ensure that an effective Communications Plan are developed, delivered and regularly reviewed to ensure continued effectiveness.

Ensure that marketing, promotion, and reputation management are integrated into the delivery of effective customer services.

Ensure internal communications are appropriate and effective.

Ensure that organisation-wide strategies and policies such as Value for Money are delivered and implemented effectively across areas of responsibility.

5. Resource Management and budgetary control

Take overall responsibility for setting and managing operational service budgets and the achievement of value for money within the Departments. Proactively monitoring and providing commentary on and management of all costs centres.

Support the Finance Director in preparing the five and thirty year business plan, providing forecasts on operational costs. Be proactive in profiling budgets and take ownership of cost centres, identify VFM cost comparison and demonstrate return on investment.

Ensure income is maximised through grants and other revenue streams to support non-core housing activities.

Prepare business cases to support proposed investment in resources and services.

6. Membership of the Executive Leadership Team

As a member of the executive leadership team, contribute to the leadership, strategic planning, financial management, and development of The Pioneer Group.

Take a leading part in regular briefing sessions for staff. Lead on projects and working groups as required to deliver the Corporate Plan.

Represent the Group at events locally, regionally and nationally to protect and promote the Groups reputation. As an executive lead you will be expected to manage laterally across services in order to demonstrate and uphold the Groups values and behaviours – you will not walk by when you see the Groups values not being demonstrated.

Undertake any other reasonable duties as required to maintain the organisation’s activities and the continued delivery of services, including deputising for the Chief Executive where appropriate.

7. Governance

Prepare papers for the CVCH and Group Board and committees as required.

Take executive lead for CVCH Board, ensuring the Board is appropriately serviced and working with the Chair and Board members to ensure that the Board works effectively, and provide development coaching/briefings for board members as required.

8. Legal and regulatory compliance

Work within the Groups policies and procedures, the law and HCA regulatory framework to ensure legal and regulatory compliance in the delivery of job purpose.

Ensure up to date knowledge of relevant case law, legislative changes and regulatory guidance that may impact on job purpose

9. Health & Safety

Ensure working practices are in line with employers’ health and safety obligations.

10. Other

Must be willing to work in accordance with the Groups values. 

You will be required to attend regular evening board and committee meetings.

Undertake any other reasonable duties as required to maintain the organisation’s activities and the continued delivery of services

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